September 6

👉🏽 At Knesset press conference, Likud Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana warned that next week’s court hearing on reasonableness could “plunge us into the abyss - the Knesset won’t submissively accept its trampling… There is no debate, and there cannot be one, over the question of whether the Knesset has authorized the court to nullify Basic Laws,” he said.

👉🏽The Ministry of Labor just announced drastic increases in the price of day care centers countrywide, prompting thousands of parents to threaten to cancel their spots.

👉🏽 Dozens of Haredi rabbis urging attendance Thursday at a right-wing protest at the Supreme Court, saying that the court doesn’t have the right to rule on basic laws. (Arutz 7)

👉🏽 NYT Tom Friedman on Saudi normalization: “Do not let Netanyahu make you his useful idiots. .You cannot have normalization with an Israeli government that is not normal…The one that is definitely not in our interest is the one that Netanyahu will try to sweet talk the United States into. He is trying to pull off a four-corner shot — undermine the power of Israel’s Supreme Court to restrain his extreme government, while making himself a domestic hero by pulling off a peace deal with Saudi Arabia without having to give the Palestinians anything of significance, thereby advancing his coalition’s dream of annexing the West Bank — all while getting Saudi Arabia to pay for it and Joe Biden to bless it. That deal Biden and M.B.S. must reject out of hand.”

👉🏽 High schools may strike, claiming government reneged on their deal: Finance Ministry didn’t add expected raises to teachers’ September paychecks. Likud Education Minister Yoav Kish threatened an injunction to keep teachers in the classroom. (Times of Israel)

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