Sept 4

👉🏽 The principal of the Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Tel Aviv resigned Sunday after the school board canceled the planned announcement of 200 12th-graders’ refusal of army service. The government Education Ministry had threatened to de-fund the school if the event took place.

👉🏽 Likud Justice Minister Yariv Levin on Kan radio Sunday again warned that Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara, after her call on the court to strike reasonableness, might be fired, saying, “This is not how the attorney general is supposed to act.” Baharav-Miara has also told Levin to employ independent counsel to represent the government’s position in next week’s hearing on why Levin hasn’t convened the judicial selection committee; she has said there’s no legal justification for his stance.

👉🏽 Channel 12 reports Religious Zionism Simcha Rothman’s bill to automate randomly by computer Supreme Court President responsibilities, including the ability to compose the bench for hearings.

A Deep-Dive on September 7, Convening the Judicial Selection Committee at