August 30

August 30

👉🏽 Haredi Shas Health and Interior Minister Moshe Arbel accused army conscripts of lacking a job and being lazy. In an interview with Kol Batam’s newspaper, he said, “Before people attack those who learn Torah, we first need to deal with the hidden idleness in the IDF.”

👉🏽 Reports of Haredi violence, including arson and window smashing, in protest of Beit Shemesh’s mayor, Aliza Bloch. Bloch was barricaded inside for half an hour until she was rescued by police.

👉🏽 240 mothers of current current, former, & future soldiers appealed to the court to draft haredim as soldiers. The group, Mothers on the Front, represents 20,000 mothers.

👉🏽 In a letter to the government’s legal team, Likud Justice Minister Yariv Levin castigated Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara’s decision not to represent Levin before the high court re his decision not to convene the Judicial Selection Committee. Levin hopes to reconstitute the committee with a more favorable pro-Coalition balance of judges. Removing Miara from her position would speed judicial overhaul legislation. The hearing on the judicial selection committee is set for September 7.

👉🏽 Teacher’s strike still imminent if negotiations don’t succeed.

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